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Loving a Pisces Man

The Pisces man can be a collection of all other signs. This is one of the signs that embodies all the traits from the other signs. This can sometimes lead to chaos in a relationship, but it is not always bad. It could be like dating a superhero who may not always be focused when you are speaking to him, but it is because he is focused on something else, he must take care of soon. On the other hand, he could be focused on what he plans for you a little later that night, also fun and good.

Though he will come across as calm, cool, and collected, he is likely in overdrive in his mind. Emotions and thoughts will continually swirl around because he is so in touch with his emotions. It is likely he will be somewhat artsy as a musician, writer, or something equally creative. This can also mean his moods are prone to rapid changing day to day, but you can prepare if you wish to ride the wave that is a Pisces man.

He Will Listen

A Pisces man will be attentive and attuned to your needs. He will likely spoil you with compliments, gifts, and other tokens of appreciation. Show him some attention and he will stay content. When choosing gifts, go for personal and creative as opposed to easy or commercial.

He Can be Kinky

He will appreciate any time in the bedroom, but especially if role play and fantasy are equally enjoyed. He likes to escape reality on occasion and this continues in the sheets. He wants passion and meaning, but is not sex obsessed.

Money May be an Issue

Pisces men are emotional and that typically means that he will spend impulsively. He will not sit and think about big purchases, but make the buy and then think about it. He can learn to be thrifty, but he will not be overjoyed at the idea of it.

Mostly Loyal

Pisces men are mostly trustworthy, but he is a mix of all the signs so there are going to be some differences. Mostly, he will remain faithful if shown attention, but if he starts to feel ignored, he may wander. He needs to sense your commitment to him alone.

Pisces Sign

Remember, the symbol for the Pisces is two fish that are moving in different directions. There is a reason for this symbol. Pisces men have constant inner turmoil and will seek balance between the rational and impulsive sides. This does not always happen easily. His mind may wonder off in a conversation because his thoughts are running wild, but you can draw him back by keeping him occupied.

Stress Free

The Pisces man will want a stress-free life or as close as possible. His mind is already in turmoil so additional stress can cause him to pull away a bit to find some calmness. Sadly, his impulsivity can often lead him to be with the wrong partner that causes stress and then lose faith in himself. Be kind to your Pisces man if he was previously in a bad relationship, it will take time for him to balance out.

Alone Time

Pisces men are introspective and he will require some alone time to sort out his thoughts and feelings. He isn’t necessarily pulling away or ending a relationship, he just needs to be alone. He will always be full of emotion, if he needs some space, allow it. It will help him and the relationship.

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