Looking at the Stars to Get Lucky

Stars to Get Lucky

Some people need to have a little good luck, and some need a lot of it. There are things that people do such as have lucky charms in order to bring energy and positivity into their lives. If you are someone that wants to have more luck, come to you, you can look at your zodiac and see what kind of luck you have.


Aries is often said to have the luck of the Ram, and this is a very lucky and goal-oriented person. This is someone that works hard to reach their goals and will be someone that is sociable and kind. They are someone that can do more than one thing at one time, and they will do what it takes to get lucky:

Lucky Number

  • 6
  • 9

Lucky Day

  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

Lucky Cards

  • Ace of Staffs
  • The Tower
  • The emperor

Lucky Color

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Gold

Lucky Crystals

  • Red Coral: Gets rid of negativity and attracts joy and success.
  • Amethyst: Helps get rid of stress and impulses.
  • Ruby: Gives confidence.
  • Garnet: Gives hope and courage.

Lucky Signs

  • Star
  • Sun
  • Owl
  • A Key
  • Pepper

Lucky Element

  • Fire element

Unlucky Things

  • The day, Friday the 13th
  • Snakes
  • Emeralds

What Makes Them So Lucky?

The Aries is lucky because they are good at being a leader. They like to get people together and they get along with others great. They work hard and they are great at working with others.

How to Have More Luck

  • Have an open heart and mind.
  • Use carnelian as jewelry or keep it in your purse.

Take a Break

The thing about the Aries is that they work hard, and they hardly ever take a break. They need to take time to work hard but also to learn to have fun. Once someone puts in so much effort, they need to take a break.

The Aries is one that doesn’t like to ask for help from others and so when they come to work or go into a project, they are the ones that are doing the brunt of everything. It is important that you, as an Aries, take time to have fun and to rest and let others do the work with you.