Knowing Your Fate

Knowing Your Fate

Astrology helps to determine our temperament and the energy we focus on helps us to know how these things affect our lives.

Our genes help us to decide what we look like and astrology does the same thing with our personality and the energies that we have. Our genetics are fixed but some believe that astrology and the composition of our personality is also fixed.

Astrology is charted when we are born, and our lives never change no matter how hard we try. A Capricorn will always act like a Capricorn and a Gemini always like a Gemini. We have the unique gifts that are given to us depending on our signs.

Some of the signs are more mature than others and while some are engaging, some are analytical and logical. Some signs are more bold and stronger than other signs while other signs have weaknesses and lack energy. The best way to make it through life is to determine what our sign means and to help limit the weaknesses.

Zodiac Signs

Our normal way of behaving is our temperament and our personality. This is the base-line way that we act and the instincts that we have in our world. We have patience, self-control, anger, shyness, and other emotions. If you were born with having strong patience, you might be one of these signs:

  • Taurus
  • Leo
  • Scorpio
  • Aquarius

If you are impatient and easily distracted, you might be one of these signs:

  • Gemini
  • Pisces
  • Virgo
  • Sagittarius

Your temperament will determine your signs, and these are fixed. The effort to change your temperament is something that is a waste of time because this is part of your life. In your sign, you will know your fate and it will be easier to decide certain things that you want to do.

Your temperament is decided by your signs and it can be hard for you to understand your direction in life if you do not understand your sign. You like to choose things in your life that help determine your fate.

Energy and Signs

Here are some signs and how they affect your energies:

  • Aries-power and igniting.
  • Taurus-self-control and strength.
  • Gemini-assimilating and stimulation.
  • Cancer-power and absorbing.
  • Leo-igniting and sure.
  • Virgo-assimilating and sobering.
  • Libra-power and stimulating.
  • Scorpio-absorbing and self-assured.
  • Sagittarius-assimilating and igniting.
  • Capricorn-sobering and powerful.
  • Aquarius-stimulating and self-assured.
  • Pisces-assimilating and absorbing.

The experiences that people have help to give energy to their signs. If you know your sign and you read the energies with the sign, you will understand how your energy is represented.

  • Fire signs-igniting.
  • Earth signs-sobering.
  • Water signs-absorbing.
  • Air signs-stimulating.
  • Cardinal signs-empowered.
  • Mutable signs-assimilating.
  • Fixed signs-self-assured.

The energies cannot be changed and a Scorpio for example cannot be empowered because the energies are fated depending on the unique energies that people have. This is an easy concept once you understand how your signs work.

Life’s Focus

When you look at the moon, sun, or planets, you will understand that your life has a focal point. This means you can have more of these planets connected to your life such as Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Uranus and more. The presence of these things fills you and help you to focus and have direction in your life.

The planets play a role in your life and the power that you have in your life. If you have the sun or Mars as your sign, you might have stronger friendships and you might want to communicate with these things to help you focus on your life.

Understanding of Astrology

The Gemini can take charge of things that they work on and if you do not understand your fate, you will have a hard time understanding what makes you strong and weak. Astrology helps you to understand what is in your nature and to deal with your fate.

The problem is not that you cannot make decisions, the problem is that people avoid figuring out what their sign is, and they fail to understand something that they need to not push aside.

It is better to understand what your strengths and weaknesses are and how you can improve your life. You need to learn to be more self-aware of what goes on in your life.

Some situations can make you seem insensitive but if you can understand your sign then you can learn to verbalize what you are feeling and what makes you feel insensitive. Sometimes it is hard to find words to say what you are feeling.

An empath might have a harder time understanding things in their life because they have to use their minds to make sentences that can help them to express their feelings.

Learning to recognize your fate through your sign can help you to balance your life and allow you to have more control and to be stronger.



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