Know the 2nd and 3rd Astrological Chart

2nd and 3rd Astrological Chart

Astrology shows you your personality characteristics through the charts. They can show you what is best for your life such as your best career and your best relationship matches.  The charts can look at your current relationship and see if it is good for you and help you to plan different events.

The Western chart is one that has the most details, but the chart is always changing and always has different ideas and concepts. Another important chart is the Uranian Chart from Germany. This uses Midpoints and 8 different hypothetical planets.

Uranian Chart

There are 2 planets that have a midpoint, and these can be for example, Venus and Mars. The different hypothetical planets can be interpreted and are called Trans Neptunian Planets or TNP’s and these are found past Pluto.

Uranian Astrology will use the different things such as the sun and the moon in order to find answers. There are formulas that have to be activated in order to understand things such as when you should get married or what relationship you would be compatible with.

There is a 90-degree dial that moves the chart and the plate spins to show the midpoints. There are different computer programs that can do this, but an astrologer can figure this out fast.

Hellenistic Chart

This chart is a separate system. It was used in 2 BCE and used 5 different planets and 2 luminaries. This form of astrology separates the day and the night charts.

A planet can change into different houses and the system will change. This doesn’t happen in all of the charts but in some it does. With the Hellenistic tools, you can find out annual predictions and zodiacal releasing. The tools are there to help understand the reading.

Final Thoughts

You can get many details in each of these charts from your reading. You can find out the charts and what they mean and see the themes that work together. The details that are seen can change when things are added. There are some charts that can tell you about your past, present, fertility and more.