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How the day of the month you are born defines your personality

Your day of the month…

1st You are a strong person with leadership qualities.  You possess a creative and inventive mind that must be used. You prefer self-employment or just being your boss. Your independence encourages you to do things on your own.

2nd You want balance and peace in your life. You feel the pain of others. You don’t need to build your self-confidence but prefer teamwork. You value love and partnership.

3rd You possess a good sense of humor and find it fun communicating with others. You might possess creative or artistic abilities. Individuals love your charismatic personality.

4th You are determined and hardworking. You value honesty and set high standards for others and yourself. Other individuals rely on you.

5th You can talk about anything to anyone. A lot of things interest you. Nevertheless, when something is no longer a challenge you get bored easily. You focus mostly on the things that stimulate you mentally.

6th You are very responsible and always there especially when it comes to taking care of others. Individuals come to you for advice and assistance. You’d rather be in a relationship than on your own since you are family-oriented. You value love so much.

7th You have a mind that thinks too much. You look beyond the surface of things. You prefer alone time away from the hustle. You are very intuitive. Follow your instincts.

8th You have leadership qualities. You are business-oriented. You can be a manager or be self-employed. You value both your appearance and your achievements.

9th. You are sensitive and generous. You broaden your mind to see the bigger picture in life. You can understand different cultures and ways of life in different communities.

10th You are naturally a manager and a leader. Acknowledge your individuality and originality since that’s the key to success. You like to be a winner everywhere and can be competitive and insecure.

11th You enjoy inspiring and uplifting people. You are also highly intuitive. But, others can also easily hurt you and take advantage of you. When you have self-belief, you can accomplish big things.

12th You are very social and enjoy being around people. You entertain people and cheer them up when they feel low.

13th You have learned the value of hard work. You easily get things done and problems solved.

14th Other people are attracted to your charisma since you are a good communicator. The only thing that challenges you is committing and sticking to it.

15th you love helping others so much and are blessed with a magnetic personality.

16th Trust to you doesn’t come easily. You are highly intuitive. You prefer personal development.

17th You love being in authority. You are a gifted decision-maker and others come to you for guidance.

18th You love being in charge but also understand that people have personal needs. The secret to your success is patience and tolerance.

19th You increase your potential of success when you accept advice from others and admit your mistakes.

20th You are very peaceful and dislike arguing and confrontation. You feel the emotions of others. You are likely to be indecisive and insecure. The key to your success is self-confidence.

21st You are an all-round kind of person and talented speaker who can talk to anyone about anything.

22nd You are highly intuitive. You love teamwork and can accomplish a lot when with others.

23rd You love your freedom. You enjoy networking with others and advising them.

24th You are family-oriented and love it when you help others out. You love community service but need to be very careful not to over-help or interfere with others’ lives.

25th You are a natural student who loves psychology and philosophy. You are an introvert who love being alone and might appear distant or guided.

26th You are a good leader because you lead alongside others rather than controlling them. You don’t like being told what to do.

27th you are likely to be artistic or creative.

28th You are a go-getter.

29th you are highly intuitive and a good counselor.

30th You love attention.

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