How Does the Full Moon Make You Feel?

Full Moon

Have you ever started feeling different and then you realize that it’s a full moon and you wonder if the full moon is affecting your mood?   Full moons can affect people on an emotional level. When someone is doing healing work, during a full moon, it can seem harder because the energy that the moon puts on your emotions which makes them come out on the surface.

Some people have problems sleeping during a full moon or others will have a hard time concentrating or being calm and collected. The full moon will stir up emotions that you might not be used to having and this can lead to anxiety, but this is all normal because of the power of the moon.

Cycles of the Moon

The lunar phase happens when part of the moon is sunlit. The moon will change over a month which is called a synodic and this takes around 29.5 days. This is how long it takes the moon to go around the earth and as the sun shifts, there are four cycles that the moon will go through, and these will last about 7.4 days each.

These moon phases include the waxing, waning gibbus but also these four moon phases:

  • New Moon: When the moon is not able to be seen such as a solar eclipse because it is completely in the shadow of the sun.
  • First Quarter Moon: The moon is only seen partly, and this is the right side that can be seen during the day and early in the night.
  • Full Moon: The moon is completely illuminated from daylight to dark.
  • Last Quarter Moon: The moon is only seen partly, and this is the left side of the moon that can be seen during the day and early in the night.

Using the Energy of the Moon

Once you learn to become more intentional on healing yourself during the full moon then you will see that you can get rid of a lot of things that are holding you back in your life. This can be a time that you know what you need, and you allow yourself to open up so that you can have total healing.

As you become more aware of the energy of the moon and how it can help you, you will see that this is a key to healing. After you begin doing this, you might experience more peaceful sleep and improved peace in your life. You will have to learn to be kind to yourself and to know that there will be times that you have to express yourself even if its negative. This is all part of healing.

You can heal do deeply that you can give up energies that have held you back. You don’t have to repressed your emotions or give away your power. You can be free to live your best life.

Goodness of a Full Moon

There is healing that you can experience during a full moon, and you can also see breakthrough. No matter what happens to you, you will be okay, and this is something that you need to tell yourself. As you feel the peace and you see breakthrough happen, be thankful for what you go through.

The full moon can be heavy, and it can make your emotions feel heavy, but this is a time that you can open up for energy healing. This can be hard work but as you go through it, you will see that this is good for you and that you will be grateful for what you have went through.