Finding the Most Defensive Astrological Sign

Finding the Most Defensive Sign

Astrology can guide you through things in your life to let you know more about who you are. You can look at your birth chart and find out about how defensive and argumentative you are. This can help you to know if you want to fight or keep your guard up around other people.

You might wonder how the starts can tell you if your sign is more defensive than another. The planets have an energy that can tell about the different zodiac signs and where they are in. A Mars sign is one that is courageous and aggressive, and this can tell if you are defensive or not.

If you have a sign that is fixed like the Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius that is stationed in Mars, you might not shy away when you are standing up for what you believe.

Most signs will defend themselves and there are some that you might want on your side when you have to fight. Find out which one is the most defensive.


The Taurus sign is very possessive with their things, and they will defend themselves if they feel that their security is being threatened. They are a fixed sign and work with the earth element. They have a hard time with change, and this can cause them to be defensive when they are challenged.


A Cancer will defend people in ways that are hidden. They are ruled by the Moon and the crab, and this means that they can get threatened or frustrated with things and this will cause them to hide instead of to face the conflict face to face. They are more of the passive-aggressive type.


The Scorpio will defend their place no matter what. They are very emotional, and they will show who they are. They are great at being passive aggressive, but they are also defensive. They hate change and they don’t let anyone disrespect them. They have pride and their feelings come from Pluto and Mars and this gives them fire to be passionate and to dominate the situation. When you confront a Scorpio, they will strike back.


This sign are people who are individual. They are one of the mots defensive signs because they are smart. They let their ideas rule and they are a fixed sign. When they want to do something, they will do it, and no one can change their mind. They become offended easily.

Final Thoughts

No matter what your zodiac sign is, chances are that life might cause you to have to defend yourself here and there. Find out what your sign is and how defensive you will be!