Encountering an Angel

Encountering an Angel

Angels are always around us and guiding us in our every day lives.  They will battle for us so that we do not ever have to fight alone.  Angles can be close to us at all times and we can feel them and hear them.  Sometimes, we even dream about them or we see signs and images that show us that they are there.  People sometimes even have proof that they have seen angels.  Often times, angels will come in the form of people.

Angels do not always appear in a physical form and this is because they can be distracting to people.  Since they are from another world, they do not have the same physical matter as people do and so they would have a hard time fitting here for very long.

There is a difference between here and the angel world and when they want to interact with you, they will give you a sign such as pay your bills in line or help you if you get stuck on a road or in an accident.  Angels will give you peace of mind and will help to give you more faith.

Angels can come in physical form and if you think you have seen an angel then you will have something to think about.  Most people will never see an angel and even if they are always close to you, it doesn’t mean that you will see them.


Angels sometimes will be seen in the form of light.  Light can be seen but it is more of an angel’s vibration that you can feel or notice.  Sometimes angels will come as a light or a burst of colored lights.  It can be an orb or a direct light.

If you are sitting around and you see things glowing and you are alone then you need to pay attention o it, it could be your angel.


If you turn around and you think you saw a cloud or mist then chances are that it is a peaceful feeling that accompanies it.  This can be an angel or even a group of angels that have come to see you or help you.  You can feel the presence of the angels.  You might even think you see an outline of one or you might wake up from a dream of an angel.


People that talk about angels usually talk about wings.  Wings can be white and full, and they can be huge.  An angel might wear a robe and they can be different ethnicities.  Angels can appear to people like this and this can be alarming and scare people, but you need to be happy with these moments and not be afraid.  Sometimes angels will appear differently because they know that people will be afraid and so they choose to not be human forms.


Angels can come in the form of a human and sometimes come wearing wings.  They can give you assistance and help you find a date.  Sometimes when they don’t have wings, we might not notice that it is an angel.  We might think it is just another person but the truth is that they can be there at just the right time to offer you help when you need it.  When an angel comes, you should feel peace and calm.  They will not say much but will remain helpful.