Ease an Overactive Third Eye Chakra

Ease an Overactive Third Eye Chakra

You don’t feel right. You can’t concentrate and are having a lot of strange and unusual visions. You can’t seem to stop feeling overwhelmed. You, my friend, have an overactive third-eye chakra.

Your third eye is located in the front of your forehead in between your eyes. It corresponds to the location of the hypothalamus, which most believe is the spiritual center of a person.

When your third eye chakra is balanced, you can see clearly. You make decisions objectively and are focused. Your distinction between reality and dreams is also clear.

An imbalanced third eye throws you off. You are exhausted, scattered and your senses seem dull. You can even become physically ill.

A third reason to resolve the issue is that the overdrive mentally exhausts you and you become afraid to make decisions. Your judgment is clouded and you lack focus. Worse yet, you lose a certain amount of ability to distinguish what is real and that can lead to fear and paranoia.

Symptoms of an overactive third eye can be physical and non-physical. They include:

  • Headaches
  • Vision problems
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Mental fog
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Anxiety
  • Acting judgmental
  • Hallucinations

What to Do?

This is not out of your control. You can rebalance your third eye chakra and subdue the hyperactivity.

The first thing to do is to ask for the visions to slow down so you can process them. Thank the one you believe is sending them and, humbly, ask for more time to fully receive them. Ask for protection and guidance as you work through the process.

You should also work on anchoring yourself and putting a root into the earth, spiritually and even physically. This including working on your root chakra and also physically working with dirt. You could try planting something or working in a garden.

Besides strengthing your root chakra, you can use other chakras to improve balance and take the load off the third eye chakra. For instance, the second, or sacral chakra can deal with your intuition and anchor them in your physical and emotional areas while the third, or heart, the chakra can bring more balance and compassion to the situation.

Restoring balance isn’t that complicated. Just remember to offset the third eye chakra with physical things that ground you. For instance, implement some positive lifestyle changes into your routine. That could be walkings or eating healthy foods. You can try to clear your spiritual energy with energy healing, sound therapy, aromatherapy, or crystals.

Make sure the colors around you are balanced too. The third eye is represented by an indigo color, which is in the blue-purple range. Put that around your home, but offset it with complementary and contrasting colors like oranges, yellows, reds, and browns.

Balancing out your third eye is important for your sanity. You can’t live overwhelmed and it’s time to slow down the activity. You can do it without a lot of extra time or expense if you simply know what to do.