Compatible Signs with the Sagittarius


People with the Sagittarius sign are normally fun and exciting. They have strong love, and they are someone that is a fire sign. This can mean that they are not very compatible with water or earth signs but that they are more compatible with air and water signs.

No matter what sign someone has, it doesn’t determine if you should date that person or not because you can still have someone with a sign that you aren’t compatible with. Find out what is best with you but in the meantime, find out what signs seem to work the most with the Sagittarius sign.


The Aries is a fire sign like the Sagittarius. This sign is normally a sign of adventure and warmth. They love to be free, and they hate being tied down and hate being stuck. They do like to commit to their partner but they both need to be ready to give each other space.

They love to go out and find thrills and they love to go on adventures. Go to a theme park or do something exciting for a first date.

The only problem with this is that they both are known to have a very bad temper. These signs both have a hard time sometimes when it comes to controlling their feelings.


The Leo sign is a sign that is a free-spirited sign. When these signs are together, they will have fun just like children do. They will have no cares in the world, and they will be youthful and fun acting. They will have many inside jokes and they will have lots of laughs.

The Leo is a stable sign, and the only problem is that sometimes the Sagittarius needs to have time to go out and check out the world, but the Leo wants to have things and is often labeled as being materialistic. They also can be annoying to the Sag because of their superficial attitude.


The Aquarius is an air sign and is known to help make the fire bigger. When these two signs hook up, they will probably want to do something full of adventure and fun like skydiving and then they will want to end the night by talking over a dinner at home.

Both of these signs love to have freedom and they like to do their own thing which is what helps to make their bond stronger. Both of these signs have a hard time committing sometimes and this can be a threat to the relationship.


The Libra is an air sign, and this can make the Sag blaze. This is the most romantic sign of the bunch and when the Sag and Libra are together, chances are they will look like the perfect fit.


The Gemini is never boring, and they are always changing. They will make sure that the Sag never gets bored, and they will keep them entertained.  The Gemini will be child like when they are out having fun and it will be a natural relationship.

Sag will love the Gemini’s personality and will find them alluring and interesting. They will be best friends and they will do almost everything together. This would be a great relationship between the Sag and Gemini.