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Rising and Ascendant Sign

The rising sign is also called your ascendant sign. This is the sign that tells you where the sign was when you were born. This can cause you to look the way that you do, how you act and what kind of feelings that you might have.

If you are someone that is outgoing or expressive, chances are that the rising sign affected your behaviors.

Finding Your Rising Sign

You can look at the rising sign and see that it changes ever couple hours. When you know when you were born and you know the exact time, you can get a better reading on your rising sign.

You have to look at your birth certificate or ask your parents to tell you what time you were born. If you don’t have your birth certificate you can find one at the Vital records office.

The ascendant is a cusp or the beginning of your first house of the zodiac. This is the time of 9 o’clock on the cusp. When you look at the zodiac chart, it goes counterclockwise.

If you are standing in the center of the horoscope wheel, your ascendant will tell you when the sun is rising at that exact moment. It starts in the 12 houses and the first house is the beginning and the houses go counterclockwise. This is the same beginning and end in the first and 12th house.

Changing the Rising Sign

The ascendant changes every couple of hours and the sun will rise and set during different times. Someone that was born in April at 10 in the morning will have a different rising sign as someone that was born in November.

If you were born at the sunrise, your sign will be the same as your sun sign. Someone that is born the same time as you in a different time zone will have a different birth chart than you have because the planets are in a different house.

Times of the Rising Sign

Here are what the rising signs mean:

1: Your beginnings and self-impressions.

2: values and money that you can get.

3: Communicating with people.

4: Family and roots.

5: Romance and creativity.

6: Fitness and health.

7: Relationships and love.

8: Being intimate.

9: Ethics.

10: Career and goals.

11: Groups and society.

12: Endings.





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