Breaking Up with Zodiac Signs

Breaking Up with Zodiac Signs

Not all relationships will work out, not matter how hard you try. Everyone has to deal with rejection here and there and most of us would want to be rejected in a kind and loving way instead of dealing with meanness and rudeness from someone.

The way that you handle a breakup or someone walking away is never easy but as longas you do unto others as you want them to do unto you, you will feel better about the breakup, to a point. Don’t ghost people, leaving them confused and in pain. Ending things with a text message or a note is also a bad way to break up with someone. Even though it can be scary to do this, there are good ways to break up with any of the zodiac signs.

Breaking Up with the Zodiac

Here are some of the best ways to break up with someone based on your zodiac sign:


You need to be direct about ending your relationship, but you need to also be gentle and kind. The Ram is one that if they feel that they aren’t respected then they will lash out harshly. This can also be a sign that is very jealousy.

If you have started with someone else without saying anything it can cause there to be a fight but one they are done with you then they are done with you. They might do this so fast that you think that they are doing it to get back at you. Even if you break up though, they are forgiving and might let you stay friends with them.


The Taurus is patient and kind and if you break up with them expect them to want to talk about this. You need to let them know that you are done in the relationship so they don’t get confused or think that you meant something else.

They will let go of loving you but they will try to win you back and hope that one day that you will return to them, unless you betrayed them and then they will be done. Don’t cheat on a Taurus partner or you will cause them to have rage and they will never speak to you again.


The Gemini is the Twin, and they will be someone that will have questions for you when you break up with them. Be honest and kind because they will need to know why you chose to break up with them.

Make sure that you are being straight with them about not being in love with them and you can let them have time to heal which can lead back into you staying friends.


This sign is one that can be in deep love with someone and someone that wants to make things better even after you break up with them. But if you are mean to them then you are breaking a connection that would have been good for you.

They will feel hurt, vulnerable, and wounded and so make sure that you have a place to break up with them where they can share their feeling in front of you and even cry.


The Leo is one that is a proud sign. If you choose to breakup with them, make sure that you are being respectful. You need to invite them somewhere nice or buy them a nice gift and express how much you appreciated them even though things aren’t working out. Also, you can blame yourself and not them and this will make it easier.


Breaking up with a Virgo can be bad and when you want to tell them, don’t tell them that you need to talk to them. They will over think this until you actually do talk. Be ready to listen to them as they analyze your relationship but be calm and firm.

You can hurt them and upset them because they have already likely planned your lives together. They will not see the breakup as logical, and they might try to change your mind.


The Libra might be sensitive and turn to bitter after you break up with them. They will use their charm to try to make you change your mind and if you want to stay friends with them, bring them a gift or flowers to give them after you break up with them.

Make sure that you are willing to do things like couples counselling to give things a chance of restoration before you really let them go and this will make them feel better about the breakup.


This is a sign that is very committed and so they are very passionate. They get hurt easily and they have a hard time hiding this. They need to have extreme gentleness when you are breaking up with them and if you don’t, they could leave you feeling overwhelmed and never able to get over how they reacted.

This will be a sign that you cannot be friends with after the relationship is over. This will be over forever. If you ghost them, they will come after you and they will find you. They don’t care if the world knows that they are looking for you, either.


This is the Archer sign and can be one that seems to be carefree. They are not heartless though but they are very caring and tender. They will understand when you break up with them if you handle it with care and love. They will be blunt to you in return. You may be able to stay friends but probably not.


The Capricorn is one that can go into depression when their relationships are over. You need to make sure that you are gentle and kind with them because breaking up with them will hurt them immensely. You will need to tell them why you are breaking up with them and let them have time to heal.


Talk to this person and answer their questions if you want to break up with them. They need to have answers. Be kind and loving but also be firm. Don’t be harsh though or you will cause them to never recognize that you even existed.

They have a big heart and when you break it, they can walk away without thought. They will forever act like you never existed.


This is a sentimental and sensitive sign and you need to plan how you are going to talk about breaking up with them. They might not be able to accept what you say to them, and it would be best to give them a letter but to talk to them after you give them the letter.

Be very gentle with them and allow them to say what they feel. They need to do this so that they can heal. They will forgive you and you can remain friends or even get together again in the future.

Breaking Up Easily

Breaking up is never easy but you should do this face-to-face no matter what. Be kind and loving when you are talking to someone you are breaking up. Expect their heart to be broken and if you want to be friends, you need to be gentle. You might get to have a friendship with them later and you might not.

It will help you to know that you broke up with them with courage and maturity and you didn’t leave them hanging. This is how you care about someone, and you show it even when the relationship cannot last.