Best Love Match for a Taurus


Taurus’ are some of the most loyal and kind people that you will meet. They love to feel stable, and they love to have nice things and they are very loving and affectionate to others. They are people that use affirmations as their love language.

Do you want to date a Taurus? If so, you will want to make sure that your money situation is in order because this is one of the things that they look for in people that they are interested in. When you talk to this sign, make sure that you get them to open up to you so that you can connect with them.

Personality Traits

Taurus’ were born between April 20 and May 20th, and they are part of the Earth element. They are ruled by the planet Venus, and this is considered a romantic and loving sign. They are also considered to be very lucky.

This is a sign that can be stubborn, and they are often sensitive and passionate in their feelings, but they also will let you in after you get past their toughness. They love to have nice things and they love to have money. They will take nice vacations and will buy the nicest clothes that they can afford. They take pride in what their homes look like, and they will make sure that their homes are full of nice materials.

Taurus’ are people that aren’t all about materialistic things, but they do love having nice things. They are also family oriented, and they love to spend time with people that they love and people that they are trying to befriend. They are considered high-class, and their attitude shows this.

Taurus and Dating

In any kind of relationship, Taurus’ are considered to be loyal and dependable. They will be there for you no matter what situation you are in. They are great friends, and they will make sure to celebrate things about you such as your birthday, baby showers and anything else that allows them to.

They will go out of their way to make you feel good about who you are, and they will make you feel special. This is a stubborn sign, and they won’t give into things that they are against. They won’t hold on to a grudge forever, but they will never forget if you hurt them, even after they forgive.

Taurus and Love

This is a sign that loves to have love. They allow their heart to guide them, and they are very romantic. They love to give and get flowers and they will have a candlelit dinner for you just for no reason.

Taurus’ are people that will love to go out of their way to date you with style and they will date you until they know more about you and your finances.

Man and Woman

There is a real difference between a Taurus that is a man and one that is a woman and how they go about their relationships.

Taurus Man

A taurus man will be different than a woman and they will have a harder time letting you in. They will be loyal and if you date them, they will be the best boyfriend that you have ever had. They will love you and care for you and protect you, but they also love to have adventure which can cause you to get stressed.

They love to spend time with people just watching television and eating fancy foods and they enjoy giving gifts that are nice and caring.

Sometimes a Taurus man will be possessive of who they are with and when they see that they are overprotective of you, they won’t stop. You might think that they are stubborn and that they are a little over the top, but they will love you and care for you no matter what. They don’t like to play games.

Taurus Woman

It is important for a Taurus woman to find the right partner. They want someone that is fun and that is a great person, but they also look for stability. They might get stressed here and there but they will do what it takes to show you care and love.

If you argue with her, she will feel hurt, and it will be hard for her to change her attitude towards you. Women in this sign are very extravagant and they will be thankful for everything that you do for them, but they will always be doing things for you as well.

Finding a Taurus Man

If you want to attract this sign, you need to make sure that you chase after them. They love this. Show them love and care and let them wish that they had you. Keep their heart racing by being challenged.

This kind of personality loves to have mutual love and they want to be cared for. They want you to cook dinner for them and to shower them with love and care.

Finding a Taurus Woman

Being with a Taurus woman might end up in the friendship area for a while before she will give in to you. This kind of woman isn’t easy to get close to and they don’t let their feelings out very easily. They will be sincere and loving towards you, but they will not get close until they know that you have real love for them.

The best match for this kind of woman is one that can tell her no. As soon as that happens, the respect will change, and she will know that you are in charge.


Taurus signs love to be with people that are great lovers. They want someone that will be passionate and fun. Here are some of the best couples:

Aries and Taurus

This sign will be a good match because they both love to be passionate. They want to have a good relationship and they are both bold. These signs won’t always get a long, but they will mostly make it in a relationship.

Leo and Taurus

These signs are both stubborn and they have a strong outlook on what they like and don’t like. They are people that love to have adventure and they want to be with people that are around them.

These signs will be similar when they are being blunt or rude and they are compatible mostly.

Libra and Taurus

These signs are good when they are looking to change their life. They will admire being around others that have good energy. They will be serious but sometimes they will need to affirm each other.

Scorpio and Taurus

These couples will be opposite matches and they will share a deep connection. They will be people that are deeper than most other couples.

Taurus and Taurus

This match is one that will completely fail. They will not be able to be compatible in love and they will be stubborn, argumentative and will not be able to keep the relationship alive.

Capricorn and Taurus

This couple is one that will love the simple things in life, but they will find financial stability to be important. The problem is that Capricorn is always working, and they won’t have a lot of free time to date but at least the money situation will work for both of them.

Dating a Taurus

If you feel that you are able to date a Taurus, this might be the sign that is perfect for you. Each sign in the zodiac will have its positives and negatives. The Taurus is loyal and will show affection to the people that are in their life.

There are some signs that are very compatible according to the stars and some that aren’t. This doesn’t mean that you cannot have a real connection with this sign. Listen to your heart and find out what love means for you.