Are You an Empath? Look at Your Sign

Look at Your Astrology Sign

Do you find that you are always picking up emotions of people around you? Do you feel that you can tell by body language or the way that people change what they are feeling? Some people have strong feelings based on their experiences and they are able to know when someone feels happy or when they feel pain. This can be someone that is called an empath.

Empath people are highly sensitive, and they are able to feel the emotions of others in a strong way. They might even feel pain in their body when someone else is in pain. An empath will not know why they are feeling what they are feeling and they sometimes don’t even know if the feelings are theirs or someone else’s around them.

Even though these people are sensitive, they are often great friends, and they are people that are great listeners. The problem is that they need to learn how to protect themselves from the negative energy around them.

Are You an Empath?

Do you think you might be an empath? Do you know right away if someone is lying to you? Are you able to tell if someone around you is having a bad day before they talk to you? Do you get tired and overwhelmed in a large group? Even though any zodiac sign can be an empath, there are three signs that are considered the most empathic signs in the zodiac.


A Pisces is someone that is often seen as someone very sensitive. They have a hard time fighting off feelings that other people have. They can tell if someone loves them and they are people that love others deeply. A Pisces is a sign that will be your very best friend.

Of course, Pisces also are people that often suffer in their emotions. They get overwhelmed when they are in big groups, and they have a hard time not picking up the emotions of others. They do what they can to stay safe but they need to make sure to stay away from people that are negative or carry bad vibes. This can drain their gifts fast.


The Cancer is a very sensitive sign. These are people that can relate to your problems but they also feel the problems. They are sensitive to other people and tend to be overly emotional.

Most of the time when you talk to a Cancer you will wonder why they are so sensitive. Some people will think that they are moody but they are really just picking up the feelings of those around them.


The Scorpio is a person that is often guarded. They put up a wall because they don’t want to show their feelings. But, the wall is also there because they have to keep out the feelings of other people, too.

Scorpios are people that are often overwhelmed in large groups, and they do better when they are in a small circle. Even though they like to fellowship with others, it is best if they don’t go to large parties or gatherings because they have a hard time dealing with a lot of emotions at one time.