Are You a Sun or Moon Sign?

Sun or Moon

There is a difference between the Capricorn moon and the Capricorn sun sign. Once you understand these signs, you can learn more about who you are. The zodiac signs have a specific meaning and a specific energy and wherever you lie in your natal chart can tell you more about yourself than you would ever realize.

Having your cardinal sign in the position of the moon or the sun can mean that you are responsible, someone that others can rely on, and you love to reach your goals. Even though these are similar things with the moon and the sun, you can still have some differences depending on which one you are.

Capricorn Sun Sign

The Capricorn sun sign is one that shows who you are. It forms your identity and the personality that you have. The sun sign is found in the sign of the Capricorn, and this can mean that you like to reach your goals and you will work until you get there. The strengths that you have make you a good business person and a leader. You will work hard and get things done.

You will be someone that works well with others and that is able to manage a group. You will do whatever it takes to get things done and to be successful. You are humble though and you will do what it takes to achieve what you want. You make friends easily and you easily attract peers.

It is important that you take time for yourself and that you don’t overwork. Because you are so ambitious, you might have a hard time balancing between work and fun. Be responsible to who you are and give yourself a break when you need to.

It is also important that you remember that you don’t need to walk over others in order to reach your career goals. You should b e kind and caring and keep the feelings of others as an importance. Don’t walk over others and ignore their feelings because you want to get where you want to get.

Being a strong leader and ambitious can make people dislike you and this can cause you to not be heard by your peers. If you are kind and caring though, you can overcome this. Have empathy and see where it takes you.

Capricorn Moon Sign

When you see the Capricorn moon sign then this means that you are probably an emotional person. The moon sign works with your subconscious mind and is something that you often hide form other people.

This sign can mean that you have strong feelings, and you express your own feelings very little. It can also mean that you have a hard time deciphering the feelings of others because you don’t spend time thinking about them but on your own stresses.

You are someone that spends a lot of time thinking about how you can take action in what you want to achieve and how you can share your energy with others. The thoughts that you have make it hard for you to handle things that are emotional. You have a hard time being practical when it comes to feelings.

Maybe you dream of people recognizing you for the things that you do. You need to be careful not to seek out praise and not to brag about yourself, even if you don’t feel appreciated.

The Capricorn moon can mean you are a responsible person, and you will work hard to reach your goals. You can become emotional if you don’t reach your goals like you think you should, but you need to have self-love. Stop trying to be a perfectionist because no one is perfect.

The Signs Combined

The Capricorn sun and moon have very strong energies. These are serious signs, and these are normally people that want to reach their goals. You will not be patient unless you are working, and you will do what it takes to be successful. Since you have a hard time with people sometimes, your relationships need to have a break. Otherwise, you might become someone they aren’t used to seeing.

Sometimes when you take a break, you can let your inner child out and you can have fun and live carefree even if just for a moment. You will likely resist the advice of people around you and they will learn to understand this as they get to know you.

The Capricorn sign is one that is reliable and goal-oriented. You will see that your sun sigh will help you to be successful in your career goals. If you are the moon sign, then you will keep yourself hidden from others and you will be an overly emotional person. You might hate losing and you might fight against this.

When you lose, you often feel embarrassed about yourself, and this can be something else that you keep hidden. But being successful will weigh more on your mind and you won’t let other people see that you are feeling defeated.



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