Are You a Faery or a Witch?

Faery or a Witch

If you want to know if you are a faery or a witch, here is a guide to help you along in your life:

Inner Being

Do you ever feel that you are different than everyone around you and that you can sense energies like no one else can? Do you have the ability to heal others and you know that you can figure things out without being told?

Our intuition helps us to develop who we are and can help us to use our thinking to survive in this hard world.

Who Are You?

Some people have strong intuition, and they have gifts that help them to be able to do things others cannot. Maybe your gift is a hidden gift, and you haven’t discovered it yet.

Are you someone that loves magical creatures such as faeries or witches?  Maybe you are one of these creatures.

Being a Witch

Being a witch does not mean you worship the devil; this is just something that happens on television. This can mean you are a healer or that you are able to know things that others do not.


Even if you are grown and you believe in magic, this can mean you have a special gift. Do you have the power to call forth creatures in your life or do you love doing spells? This can be something that happens every day in your life.

Repeating Numbers

Maybe you see the numbers 11:11 or 2:22 or 333 repeating often. This can be that the universe is trying to reach you and tell you more about your life.

These numbers are called Master or Angel numbers and they are important.


When you find that you would rather spend time in nature than anywhere else, this can mean you are part of nature. You might love to go to the beach and collect shells or walk in the forest barefoot.


Do you feel that your desires are always coming true? Pay attention to what is going on in your life and when your wishes happen.


You have strong empathy for others. You feel when they are hurting, and you seek ways to help them to get better. This can mean you are able to help heal the sick.

You might be one that loves to read Tarot cards or someone into astrology.


If you are someone that is sensitive, you might be able to read the energies around you. You may go into rooms where there are large crowds and pick up on the emotions of others.

When this happens, this can mean that you have a psychic gifting and that you are able to pick up the vibrations of others without anyone telling you.

Being a Faery

If you are someone that loves fairy tales and you cannot explain why, this can mean you are a faery. Maybe you love things that are shiny, and kids and animals are drawn to you. It can mean a faery is in your bloodline.

Sunshine Personality

Do you have a personality that makes people drawn to you?  People always come to you to talk and sometimes you don’t even know them?

Are you someone that likes to make people laugh? This can be a big sign.


You are someone that doesn’t have to work hard to get babies or children to love you. Kids are always comfortable and want to be around you.

They want to be around you more than others because they have a connection to you.

Sleeping Habits

Maybe you feel very tired or you like to nap a lot. Sometimes people are active while you want to sleep.

This can be a sign that you are emotional and that you need more rest than others.

Sensitive Skin

If you are someone that has sensitive skin, then you might be dealing with the electromagnetic field around you.

This can cause your skin to be irritated or you to get headaches or rashes.


You want to always disconnect from the world around you and you might seem to zone out in the middle of a conversation.

Daydreaming is your way of reaching your spiritual world and being part of your faraway reality.


Do people always talk about your eyes? Your eyes can twinkle and shine and this can be a way that you communicate with others.  If people are saying your eyes are magical, it can be a sign.