Are Leo and Scorpio Compatible?

Leo and Scorpio

Leo and Scorpio can be a passionate match, but they can also be full of trouble and pain. They are both set in their ways and are strong-willed and so neither of them wants to give in when there are problems. Leo and Scorpio both have a temper, but they are great at making love and so the make up sessions can be heated. These are two that both want to be in control of the relationship, but they are always excited to see who wins. They are both confident, but they know how to respect each other, and they make great sex. They are intense outside and inside the bedroom.

This is a connection that will take time and effort to work out. They will both struggle to see who is in charge and this can be a challenge. They are both a fixed sign and that means that they both resist change. Even though there can be strong emotions and excitements, there has to be new things that are brought into the relationship, so it doesn’t go stagnant.

Fire and Water Element

Fire elements love to have action and adventure, but they are sometimes full of drama. Since Scorpio is a water element, they will be excited about their life, but they also want to be committed when it comes to love. Leo is one that wants to go out and have fun and they are ruled by the Sun. Scorpio on the other hand likes to stay home and spend time with who they love.

Scorpio and Leo both have strong personalities and even though they are great at sexual situations, they sometimes have problems when it comes to other parts of the relationship. Scorpio is looking for a loyal and committed partner and Leo likes to flirt and they have a hard time settling down.

These are two signs that can make a great couple because they are competitive, but they are also exciting to be around. They are both very confident, but Leo is more outgoing than Scorpio and this can cause Scorpio to become jealous.

Scorpio is a private sign but, in the bedroom, they are more open and will do what it takes to make sex fun. They both have strong energy, and they are great as business and work partners. They both like to have money for nice things and will work hard to get it. They are both jealous and possessive though and this can cause problems in the relationship.

Negative Traits of Leo and Scorpio

Leo and Scorpio are fixed signs, and this means that they hate change. They don’t like to give in when they are arguing because they both want to be right. They will say whatever they are thinking at the time, and this can hurt one or the other. They often get angry and show their anger.

The relationship can be dramatic and intense, but they will have great sex afterwards to make up with each other. They are both full of lust and confidence and this can leave one or the other feeling intimidated. These are two that have to make a deal that they aren’t competing in the relationship and that they need to work together.

Making Love Work

Leo and Scorpio are both at a 90-degree angle and this is called a square in astrology. This means that they will often face power struggles and drama. They are fixed signs, and this can cause them to have disagreements with each other, but the relationship can also be full of passion.

In order to be successful, they have to use sex as a way to make up after arguments. They are great when the relationship is full of passion. They need to take turns being in charge and make sure that they are keeping the relationship interesting.