All About the Capricorn


The December and January zodiac sign or the goat is the Capricorn. Many men and women are part of this zodiac sign, and they are goal-oriented people that love to discipline themselves and they are successful. They can do whatever they challenge themselves at and they will never avoid anything even when it is hard.

The sea goat is a sign that will be quiet, but they lead in both their actions and their thoughts. They are wanting to have responsibilities that are beyond other people, and they will work hard to get what they want without taking the easy way out.

The Capricorn is used to routines, but they don’t like to have comfortable things in their life, and this can affect their relationships. If they happen to meet someone that they like, they will want to be with this person and they will want this person to challenge them in every aspect of their life. They are a cardinal element and so they do things with greatness and dedication. They are very strong, and they do what they need to do so that they can get things done.

Facts About the Capricorn

  • Born from December 22 to January 19.
  • Earth element.
  • Cardinal.
  • Associated with black and brown colors.
  • Their day is Saturday.
  • They are ruled by Saturn.
  • They are most compatible with the Cancer and the Taurus.
  • The Capricorn lucky numbers are 4,8, 13 and 22.
  • Some known Capricorns are Martin Luther King Jr. and Stephen Hawking.

Capricorn According to Mythology

According to mythology, the Capricorn is the Pricus which was a sea goat that was made by Cronos, the god of time. This was a goat that could think, reason, and talk just like a man. He loved creation and he was blessed to be immortal and could turn back the time to any period he wanted.

The Pricus had a bunch of children and they loved to explore things, but he would warn them not to explore things too long, but they did anyways. They would eventually lose their fish tales and their smarts and became normal goats because of the time they spent exploring.

Pricus was sad about this, and he turned back the time to when he told his children and warned them of these dangers. After he did this a few times he realized that no matter how much he turned back time that free will would not change destiny.

He begged Cronos to give him death, but Cronos refused and would not take away Pricus’ immortality but instead would allow him to live in the stars instead of being on Earth.

Personality Traits of the Capricorn

The positive things about the Capricorn are that they are very reliable, and they work hard. They do like to be alone and are often introverts, but they will work hard to reach their goals. The Capricorn does not brag but their success will show you what they do, and this gives them pride.

Sea-goats are different, and they do get close to those that they let in their life, but this doesn’t happen very often. The Capricorn loves their family and anyone that is in their life.

The bad thing about the Capricorn is that it is hard to get close to them because they guard their hearts and even have a hard time making friends. If you get to be friends with a Capricorn, then you will see that they are very loyal people, and they will be deeply emotional and close to you. They are calm and loving and they rarely make connections. They work hard and they don’t compromise to make things easy for themselves. They have a hard time forgiving people that have hurt them.


They are responsible and work hard and they have strong self-control. They don’t forgive easily, and they are often pessimistic. They believe in their connections of family and friends, but they don’t like most things that are shown to them.

Love Life of the Capricorn

Capricorns do not have an easy time to find a partner because they don’t like to compromise. They have to learn to sacrifice things and to see which is more important, their pride or a relationship.

Capricorns will reach the goals that they set, and they often hide their emotions from others. This makes many people think that they are cold hearted, but they just are afraid of love.


The Capricorn is seen as a Cancer but that is not true because the Cancer is very emotional, and the Capricorn is not. The Capricorn will find a partner that will spend time with them and will be opposite of them. They will look for people that give them strength where they are weak.

The Capricorn is compatible with the Virgo and the Taurus, and they often enjoy someone that mirrors them.

Needs of the Capricorn

Capricorns are very dedicated to their goals, and they will do what it takes to be in control of their life. They will make sure that they are devoted and that they work hard. They will be confident, and this will be attractive to those that see them. Here are some needs of the Capricorn:

  • Loyal
  • Mature
  • Positive
  • Honest
  • Love their family
  • Put their interests over others
  • Mature

You will have a reliable friend if you are friends with the Capricorn and they will do what they can to keep you happy. If you are lucky to befriend a Capricorn, hold on to them because this is rare.