2018 Year Ahead Horoscope


It’s your inner landscape that’s most influenced by the planets in 2018. You may notice more shifts within your being rather than in the world at large, as the planets emphasise the lower half of your horoscope. Your world view is being reshaped and you may question things you’ve long held to be true. Let your mind wander over new terrain – changing circumstances may mean it’s time to let go of old beliefs.

Health, wellness and work routines, including your regular or every day schedule, may be in flux with Mars retrograde in Aquarius, from June 25 – August 13. Instead of sticking diligently to your plans, it may make better sense to adapt your schedule to new developments, or to explore how technology can make it easier to manage your regular obligations.

Your ruling star Mercury spends most of his 2018 retrogrades in fire signs, which is a sure sign you’ll be looking for inspiration. Time with mentors, on retreat or travelling can be especially uplifting for you this year. You’ll also learn a lot about communication and self-expression, thanks to the longer the trend of Jupiter in Scorpio. This might inspire you to dive into a detailed study, writing or research project.


The longer trend of Uranus in Aries is winding down, and you may find that finances start to stabilise. It may be easier to build wealth or focus on plans to create long term security, like for retirement. This might sound boring but given you’ve had unpredictable Uranus shaking things up with taxes, family money and inheritances in the past 7 years; it may be a relief to know that financially things will become increasingly calm. You get a taste of this more manageable vibe from May 15 – November 6, when Uranus steps out of Aries and your 8th house. By March 5, 2019 this more stable money energy will be permanent.

You’ll also a small part of Venus retrograde in Libra affecting finances, from November 1 – 15. You might experience some delays with cash flow or in discussion around increasing your income then. If so, the second half of November can bring a resolution or second chances, both from earlier in the month and from as far back as the first 10 days of September. The Venus retrograde in Libra will be a good time to rethink your budget, and reflect on whether your savings and income strategies are working as well as you want. If not, use the review and redo energy of this cycle to research your options and make lasting changes.

Contracts, paperwork and documents relating to money – like a rental agreement or mortgage documents, your salary or work contract and papers relating to investments and bills – may need to be better organised. If you know you have paperwork to submit about a money matter, try to finalise your requirements in either October or December.

Home Life

Mars in Sagittarius, from January 26 – March 18, can help you take action about a home project, DIY job or general maintenance matters. You might also be ready to finalise your plans for a renovation or decorating project. You’ll want to make your home life and family responsibilities more manageable, so that you have the freedom you need to pursue grand adventures.

Avoid decisions about your home around February 17, as Mars is in touch with Neptune in Pisces then and details may be foggy. March 11 looks more positive, as Mars joins forces with Uranus and an exciting breakthrough with family will be possible. You may make an impulsive addition to your home too.

Taking care of necessary domestic duties while Mars is in Sagittarius will set you up for exciting opportunities that are sure to arrive when Jupiter begins a more rare tour through Sagittarius, on November 8, 2018. This is the start of a 12 year cycle of improvement and expansion, both in your living situation and within family relationships. You might explore an exciting relocation or want to upgrade your home substantially, either through a renovation or move. Jupiter in Sagittarius will continue to bless your home life throughout 2019.


A compassionate and generous angle, between Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, provides the opportunity for heartfelt growth in relationships. This influence sparks your heart and can bring progress in love on December 3, 2017, May 25 and August 19. You might be more generous with your affection and support, or generally just want to encourage your special someone more. Single? The combined might of Jupiter and Neptune can bring a soulful new love into your life.

Creativity, music and being on, in or near water are like lucky charms in love for you this year. Plan a date at a waterfront venue, or a beachside holiday with your love. Jupiter in Scorpio highlights the power of genuine conversation, which acts to support and help you deepen your closest partnerships, at work and in your personal life.

Later in 2018 you also have fired up and passionate Mars in Pisces, November 15 – January 1, 2019, to give you confidence and courage go after what you want in love. Mars can help you be more outspoken, and assertive, which may have a more positive impact in your relationships than you expect. Your enthusiasm for progress in love then can help you overcome fear, and be more upfront about how you feel. Action you take while Mars is in Pisces can help fire up your love life.

Career and Life Direction

Your efforts to refocus or get organised at work can have maximum impact when Mercury is in Gemini, from May 29 – June 12. You’ll be curious about new or different ways to manage your career and a session with a coach or mentor may prove fruitful then. Mercury loves to make a deal, network and interact with people so this can also be a helpful time for negotiation, and to mingle and meet new people in your field.

You might polish or improve your professional image when Venus tours Gemini from April 24 – May 19. This could include shopping for new clothes for work, updating your online profiles or redoing your business cards and website (if you have your own business). Venus can help you make supportive connections, and will highlight the importance of beauty, diplomacy and tact in the way you conduct yourself in the world of business. A show of gratitude can go a long way to deepening a professional partnership then too.

Happiness and Children

You might finally get serious about children, or simply about living life to the full, thanks to Saturn in Capricorn. This three year cycle begins in December 2017, and will help you take on extra responsibility where children are concerned – this could be with your own children or even grandchildren, or with younger people in general.

Saturn in your happiness sector might sound like a bust, but it is a great chance to set up a regular practice of doing things you love. You might invest in season tickets to the theatre, opera or ballet, or make a standing date to visit a museum or gallery once a month. Regularity is the key, whether you sign up to an art or creative class or simply allow the joy of making things to become a part of your week.

Your 5th house, which is all about happiness and children, is also one of the romance sectors. With Saturn here you may become more realistic about your love life, or realise you want to take the next step with someone special. If you’ve been dating someone for a while and aren’t sure if there’s enough between the two of for something more substantial, you may make a mature decision to go your separate ways. You’ll be looking for stability and long term commitments and won’t want to waste time with someone who isn’t fully showing up for you.

You also have a supportive angle between Jupiter and Pluto, active on January 16, April 14 and September 12, to help enhance the joy and feelings of fulfilment in life. This unusual pattern can help you speak more openly to loved ones, and may bring a breakthrough around a happiness habit you can embrace. Romance and relationships with children can deepen, especially though honest and intense conversations.

Adventure and Discovery

Your major theme for 2018 could be adventure and discovery as you have important triggers to both your 3rd and 9th houses.

Jupiter’s once in 12 years cycle through Scorpio can help you explore new experiences in your local area. You might discover a fab new coffee shop, or find a hidden gem of a park or outdoor area you had no idea was just around the corner. You’ll also be primed to take in an abundance of new information, so this will be a great influence if you hope to study, teach or have always dreamed about writing. You’ll also find that you get better at expressing your point of view too.

Trips that are about luxury or learning are highlighted when Venus is retrograde in Scorpio, your 3rd house, from October 4 – November 1. There may be some delays with travel then, but it will be a good time to be away from your usual routines to recharge.

The biggest adventure cycle will be the transition of Uranus into Taurus, from May 15 – November 6. This provides a preview of what’s to come when Uranus settles into Taurus for a seven year stay on May 6, 2019. You may be restless in unusual ways, or drawn to an exotic adventure. You’ll likely question the world and your place in it, and may find yourself wondering if there’s a more authentic or meaningful way to live.

Uranus in Taurus can help you challenge your beliefs and figure out what really matters. Holidays that are innovative, different or simply a change from your usual getaway are perfect, as new experiences, places and even different cultures can help spark new insights and inspire radical growth and progress.

The dates May 16, August 2 and September 18, when Mars and Uranus square off, may bring a last minute travel or teaching offer. You may make an impulsive choice around travel plans, or find you can’t resist an international business opportunity. Give yourself the freedom to stretch outside your comfort zone then.

Friends, Networks and Groups

Your social sector is triggered by a tender eclipse in Cancer on July 13, highlighting friendships through the middle of the year. This eclipse is about nurturing and about connecting with your tribe. Even if you have a small group of friends, showing a little TLC to your inner circle can pay off then.

If you have been thinking about a group or organisation you’d like to become involved with, this can be a great time to reach out and make a connection. The Cancer eclipse is a new moon eclipse so it brings fresh energy and new beginnings into all your social and group connections. Mingle and meet new people, or host a get together with likeminded people.

You may realise you’re ready to step away from a friend or group that you’ve outgrown. If you need to cut ties with someone from the past, use the powerful energy of the Cancer eclipse to help you do so.

Friendships may get sweeter with Venus in Cancer, from May 19 – June 13. You might splurge on a luxury experience for you and a friend, or simply want more quality time with your closest friends then. Your support of others can make a big difference then. Venus’ generally positive energy also means you can benefit from the support, referrals or connections of your friends and associates.

Personal Growth and Self-Development

You may be in the mood for pampering, sweet treats or little luxuries when Venus tours Virgo, from July 10 – August 6. Venus brings support and a little magnetic quality that can help you persuade others to your point of view, or inspire you to splurge on a special indulgence.

Your curiosity about self-awareness may be sky high when Mercury visits Virgo from September 6 – 22. You might enjoy extra healing then, or want to take time to pursue a pet project. A health or personal growth dream may be top priority.

While there are no major planet triggers to Virgo in 2018, these regular cycles can help ensure you keep evolving.

Time Out and Spirituality

It will be important to take a little extra downtime as the nodes move through your 6th and 12th houses (until November 7, 2018). The nodal cycle is punctuated by the eclipses, so mark these dates in your diary for rest, reflection and retreat: January 31, February 16, July 28 and August 11.

There’s always lots of buzz about eclipses but remember that for you and eclipses in 2018 it’s mostly about laying low, turning your attention inwards and communing with your spirit. This might involve meditation, time at the spa, escaping your routines at a quiet country or beach getaway, or learning to say no to things you have always said yes to in the past.

In addition, an extended cycle of Mercury through Leo, from June 29 – September 6, can encourage you to be curious about all things esoteric and spiritual. You might spend time reading tarot or angel cards, or dare to trust your intuition.

Plans around downtime and relaxation may be in flux, especially when Mercury is retrograde or moving backwards from July 25 – August 18. If so, a flexible attitude is a must. Say no more than you say yes. Be thoughtful about who you give time and energy too – when you say yes to someone else you are also saying no to yourself. If you’ve never meditated, this is a great time to try.